Technical manufacturing

Areas of application

Machine engineering

The very powerful ultra-high and high molecular polyethylene materials of ORBILAN feature a broad range of properties and are used for many applications in machine engineering. Machined components such as Chain guides, sprocket wheels, slide rails and guide rails from ultra-high molecular ORBILAN PE 1000 are used in all fields of machine engineering.

Bottling and packaging industry

ORBILAN PE 8000 and PE 1000 have excellent wear resistance and sliding  properties and thus are the perfect choice for the manufacture of star wheels,  slide rails, curved guides, sprocket wheels and idler wheels as well as guide elements for flat V-belts, roller chains and round link chains, which are installed in conveying systems for the bottling and packaging industries. The self-lubricating material ORBILAN PE 8000 MoS is designed to meet requirements for very low sliding resistance properties.

Bulk material handling industry

The fields of application of the ORBILAN PE 8000 materials group include all activities of transporting, distributing or storing bulk materials. Thanks to their good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance, these materials are the perfect choice for lining plates in silos, bins, railway wagons, wheel loaders and bucket wheel excavators. If an application requires anti-static properties, we recommend using ORBILAN PE 8000 AST. This material acquires anti-static and UV resistant properties by adding a special, conductive carbon.

Alpine applications

This material is the perfect choice for alpine applications thanks to the very high wear resistance and long durability of ultra-high molecular polyethylene. Drive wheels of piste machines and vehicles, track guides, Chain guides, slide rails, sheer rails, slanting rollers and lateral sliding plates are manufactured from ORBILAN PE 8000 and PE 1000.

Chemical industry

Good resistance against acids, bases, salts, brines, alcohol, oils, greases, waxes and many solvents and the very high wear resistance of ORBILAN PE 1000 make this material the perfect fit for use in the chemical industry. Typical  areas of application include bearings, wheels, rotors, impellers and seals for chemical pumps.

Paper industry

ORBILAN PE 8000 G serves as raw material for manufacturing dewatering elements, low vacuum foils and forming boards for the paper industry. Thanks to the use of microglass balls, the material is highly abrasionresistant and offers significantly extended durability.

Galvanising technology

Ultra-high molecular polyethylene has good chemical properties and resistance to a number of chemicals and is an ideal material for use in galvanising technology. Filter plates, galvanising drums, flanges, valves and sliders are finished parts frequently made of ORBILAN PE 8000 and PE 1000.

Port and water construction

Quay walls and loading areas in a large number of sea and inland ports are protected extensively using ORBILAN PE Fender. This material features good corrosion resistance, water resistance, excellent tensile strength and high impact resistance even at low temperatures and is the perfect substitute for timber in water construction.

Sports complex construction

Cushions, handrails and base protection strips for ice rinks are made of highly durable ORBILAN PE 500. We offer ORBILAN PE 500 UV for use in open air applications. Material damage due to solar radiation can be decelerated considerably by adding additives or carbons.

Food industry

Machined components manufactured from ORBILAN PE 500 are successfully used in all fields of the food processing industry:


  • gastronomy and industrial kitchens
  • bakeries and butcher shops
  • meat and fish processing industries

ORBILAN PE 500 is physiologically harmless, tasteless and odourless and provides for maximum cleanliness and hygiene in the food processing industry.