Food engineering

Cutting boards

ORBILAN PE 500 is the quality plastic  material for the food processing industry

  • gastronomy and industrial kitchens
  • bakeries and butcher shops
  • meat and fish processing industries

Easy to clean

Cutting boards and worktops made from ORBILAN PE 500 do not absorb
moisture and are resistant to hot water, acid, bases and alkalis. This makes them really easy to clean.

These products provide for maximum cleanliness and hygiene in the food
processing industry and are available in various designs.

Low stress on knifes

The material is both solid and somehow flexible to ensure low stress on the used cutting tools. This enhances long-term cutting performance.


Good impact, cutting and wear resistance properties provide for longer service lives of ORBILAN PE 500 cutting boards and worktops compared to similar products made from conventional materials.

Physiologically harmless

ORBILAN PE 500 meets the following directive 2002/72/EC of 6 August 2002 relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with
foodstuffs. Also, the material meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.1520
„Olefin polymers“.

Standard cutting boards

ORBILAN offers a broad range of standard cutting boards for the food processing industry.

Downloads: Infos zu Standard-Schneidunterlagen

Customised cutting boards

According to customer specifications and drawings, we can manufacture:

  • cutting boards and worktops
  • carving tables and sales counter tops
  • tabletops and display plates
  • support boards for cash boxes and scales


Among others, products can have the following characteristics:

  • special sizes
  • handles, recessed grips and openings
  • juice grooves and collectors
  • stop strips with/without knife support
  • anti slip rubber feet and suction feet
  • individual colours